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 Moving House Tips

 To help you prepare for your move.

Moving House Tips – General:

  • Dismantling and re-erection of furniture – If you choose to do your own dismantling and re-erection of furniture we advise you leave all sections together so they can be positioned correctly at your new home. Remember where you put all your fixtures and fittings. Dismantling and re-erection can be undertaken by Glaziers removal company (Fees may apply).
  • Attics and Lofts- Due to health and safety regulations all loft and attic contents should be brought down to bedroom level in advance of your move.
  • Curtains, Blinds and wall fittings – All of these should be taken down in advance of the removal team arriving at your home. If you have chosen a full packing service these items can be safely packed by Glaziers Removals staff.
Moving House Tips
  • Hanging clothes – Clothes can be left hung until the day of your move. Our removals team will have transit wardrobes on the vehicle which will safely transport the clothing on the day of your move.
  • Contents of garages – Tools should be cleaned and bundled together for ease of carrying. Under no circumstance will we remove any flammable substances, old tins of paint, gas bottles or similar items, as these completely invalidate any insurance cover you may have arranged with us. Any other containers or bottles should be securely sealed with tape and if packed they should be stood on end to prevent any spillages.
  • Access and parking – It is vitally important that we have the best possible access to your home on the day of your move. If you inform neighbours in advance of your move to ensure there is space for one of our removal vehicles to park outside. A good guide of how much space our removal vehicles would require would be approximately 4 car lengths.

Moving House Tips – Storage:

  • Storage – Ensure all important and personal papers are retained for yourself, such as passports and drivers licenses.
  • Appliances – Fridges and freezers would require de-frosting 48 hours prior to the removal. Washing machines should be unplumbed, drained out and dried in advance of them coming to our storage facility.
  • Food – Food can be transported when in a direct move, although care must be taken when packing these products. Food cannot be taken into our storage facility.

Food cannot be taken into our storage facility!

By doing all the things listed above it will ensure that move day is a successful one.

For any queries on moving house tips please contact us on 0161 480 5543.

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