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Moving House Checklist

Here is a moving house checklist of the organisations and people you will need to inform when you are moving home.

BENEFITS: Advise child benefit office, advise pensions, advise working families tax credit.

BURGLAR ALARM: Leave operating instructions/ code for new home owners, ensure current owners of your new home leave you some instructions such as alarm codes etc.

CARS: Advise DVLA, advise insurance company, advise motoring organisation.

FINANCIAL: Inform bank, credit card company, store cards and premium bonds.

FORWARDING ADDRESS: Contact post office for re-direction, leave a forwarding address at your old home(ensure the home owners at the property you are moving to have done the same).

MEDICAL: Inform existing doctor, locate new doctor if needed, inform existing dentist. Also carry your own medicines in case they are needed during your move.

TELEPHONE: Advise provider at your old home that you are moving and if possible transfer your number to your new home.

Moving Home Checklist

SCHOOLS: Inform existing schools of your new address and contact details. Arrange new school if needed.

TELEVISION: Inform TV licensing you are moving home – take your existing license with you. Advise your cable/ satellite provider of your move.

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What you should do before you move:

  • Disconnect all appliances ready to be moved.
  • Freezers can be moved full, but manufacturers recommend they be emptied.
  • Loft items should be brought down to bedroom level in advance.
  • Garden swings, climbing frames and sheds should be dismantled in advance.
  • Label all cartons clearly to ensure correct positioning at your new home.
  • Ensure cartons are well taped and secure.
  • Hanging clothes will be transported in transit wardrobes on the day of the move. (no need to pack them in advance).
  • Foods cannot be taken into stores. Fridge and freezers need to be defrosted 48 hours prior to the move and its also advised to give them a good clean.
  • Flammables and paints cannot be moved on our vehicles, and cannot be taken into store. This is because any insurance you have arranged with us would instantly be void.
  • Save a space outside your home. Roughly 3 car lengths if possible, to ensure we can park the removal vehicle outside and have the best possible access to your home.

Glaziers Removals and Storage Moving House Checklist